General Information about Split Air Conditioning Systems in general
Split air conditioning systems consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, these are connected using 2 insulated copper refrigeration pipes. The system works by pumping heat from one space to another. All of the split systems we install can work in both directions i.e. they can heat a space as well as cool it. The diagram shows the two units and the pipework. Ideally the units would be close together, one either side of an external wall, this means a shorter piperun, Pipework will be concealled above ceilings where possible or in white pvc trunking as in the diagram.

The systems we install all use safe, modern refrigerants which do not deplete the ozone layer. They also use inverter driven compressors, enabling them to work at a percentage of their total capacity to cope with the heatload present, making the system more energy efficient and increasing compressor lifespan.

Prior to the availability of inverter driven air conditioners, a system would have to operate at 100% of its capacitylower electrical running costs and quieter operation. The physical size of the units depends on the cooling/heating capacity output.
Wall-Mounted indoor units

The wall mounted indoor unit is probably the most common type of indoor unit, it is usually mounted around 2m high and is ideal for most domestic and small-office requirements.
Cassette type indoor units

The cassette type indoor unit is ideal for offices and shops, they offer a large throw or conditioned air in four directions. They are designed to be suspended under the ceiling with the grille fitted flush to the ceiling grid.
Void-Mounted indoor units

The void mounted unit hangs from the ceiling in a void, usually a ceiling grid. It feeds conditioned air to grilles using flexible ductwork as shown in the sketch opposite. Air is returned to the unit through the return grilles. With this type of unit there is no plant on show.
Floor-Mounted indoor units

These low profile, unobtrusive units stand on the floor next to a wall, they are ideal where space is limited. They can be supplied with a hardwired or remote control.
Under Ceiling indoor units

The under ceiling unit is ideal for offices and shops, it sits at one end of the space and blows conditioned air in one direction. It is designed to be suspended from the ceiling, fitting under the ceiling grid.